This project is an attempt to approach architectural genealogy in a playful, yet educative way with the use of computational tools. It embraces the variety and richness
of cultural heritage and data in order to propose a design method that manipulates and resynthesizes it. The set of 32 unique chess pieces is a result of geometrical
morphing of well known chess figures with iconic architectural columns. Varied scope of morphing tools and parameters allows to create no-end amount of intermediate geometries to emerge and as such, can be mass customized or locally fabricated on the desktop 3d printer, when available for public. Pieces are ambiguous, yet not deprived of their defining features that reveals what they are originally composed of and what they compose as a whole set- the rich collection of interplaying references as a result of synthesis of geometries and their properties, disciplines and concepts behind them.

Chess set is printed in black and white color depending on the modern/classic column category and chess family. Among modern columns one can find: Mies van der Rohe cross column, Gaudi shape study ( from the columns of Sagrada Familia), Frank Lloyd Wright from Johnson Wax Headquarters, Oscar Niemeyer, Toyo Ito, The Ironic Column ( Robert Venturi).