Teaching as a method to broadcast research. To academic and young audiences. 


Hybrid Materialities


Project lead: Maria Smigielska (ETH Zurich)

Guest lecture: Fologram

Coordination: Eva Böhlen

Photo/ video: Adrian Forkin, Eva Böhlen, Noah Wellinger, Vera Vogelsanger, Maria Smigielska

Video editing: Luisa Vélez, Christine Beglinger

Clay printing, rod bending, AR implementation: Maria Smigielska, Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zurich

AR glasses: Institute Interactive Technologies, FHNW

Teaching support: PhysicalComputingLab IXDM, HGK FHNW

Exhibition design: Maria Smigielska, Marina Klein-Hietpas (assistance)

Students: HGK FHNW from Industrial Design BA & Masterstudio Industrial Design, Process Design BA: Christine Beglinger, Emanuel Etter, Rosa Franke, Fiona Handermann, Maurus Henke, Dominik Hüttich, Kosar Kazemi, Menas Köferli, Max Kohli, Nicola Langlotz, Luca Maibach, Laura Strazza, Tobias Tielsch, Luisa Velez, Vera Vogelsanger, Lorena von Büren, Branko Vulin, Joel Walder, Noah Wellinger, Ely Duarte Estive, Jan Neuenschwander, Marina Klein-Hietpas, Joshua Buess, Luma Vidal Weinhardt, Helen Grüninger

Material Wonders 3: what plants want

The third edition of a summerschool for young audiences in collaboration with Plant Science Center, ETH.  Through experimentation with bio-materials, upcycling strategies, digital design and basic digital fabrication methods we created a rich pegboard green wall made of Schiffbau Theater waste, filled with 3d printed vases, water dispensers  and various artificial plants.

team: Maria Smigielska (lead), Daniel Nikles, Savannah Goetsch, Sarah Harbath (guest tutor), Tobias Berndt

Creative Labz organization: Dr. Juanita Schläpfer-Miller, Ulrike von Groll



Remote Materialities: Future Scenographies with Robotic Interfaces

An Interdisciplinary Praxis modul at ZHdK, Zurich

team: Luke Franzke, Maria Smigielska, Lisa Ochsenbein

guest lectures: Mihye An, James Bern, Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou

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Material Wonders 2


A summerschool in collaboration with Plant Science Center, ETH (CreativeLabz). Teaching course on bio-materials, digital design and fabrication, Zurich 

team: Maria Smigielska (lead), Daniel Nikles, Sandra Seb, Roger Zimmermann (guest)

Creative Labz organization: Dr. Juanita Schläpfer-Miller, Ulrike von Groll

outreach at Scientifica, ETH Zurich 09.2021 read more



Design and fabrication of custom wallcoverings and surfaces at Hyperwerk HGK FHNW. Basel  2021

team: Maria Smigielska, Daniel Nikles



Material Wonders

A summerschool for young audience in collaboration at Plant Science Center ETH (Creative Labz). A teaching course on digital design and fabrication in combination with bio-materials, Zurich 2020

team: Maria Smigielska (lead), Daniel Nikles, klipp+klang, Maya Minder (guest)

Creative Labz organization: Dr. Juanita Schläpfer-Miller, Ulrike von Groll

Craftsmanship in the digital era

Lehrfonds funded teaching course at the Institute Integrative Design HGK, FHNW, Basel 2020

teaching team: Maria Smigielska, Edyta Augustynowicz, Daniel Nikles, Heinz Wagner

exhibition: HGK Campus, FHNW, Basel 09.2020



Hello Mars 2!

In collaboration with Creative Labz and MuDA, Zurich a teaching course for young audience about robotics in order to populate Mars planet, Zurich 2019


MuDA: Christian Etter, Lisa Heierli, Maria Smigielska

CreativeLabz: Dr. Juanita Schläpfer-Miller, Ulrike von Groll

Guests: Grace Cain (ETH), Yannic Hofmann (Rover) 

exhibition: MuDA 02.2020


Robotic rod bending for industrial design

Transfer of digital knowledge for design and robotic fabrication +conceptual development of individual students’ projects.

Intensive workshop for Industrial Design FHNW, Basel, Switzerland, 2018

team: Maria Smigielska (lead), Daniel Nikles (robotic assistance)

Robotic manipulation of textiles for fashion design

fabric manipulation by robotically applied adhesives

team: Johannes Braumann, Maria Smigielska (Creative Robotics UfG Linz) with Fashion&Technology UfG, Linz, 2018


Generative design for spaceframes

4 days workshop at transdisciplinary Art[n+1] gallery in Paris, 2017.

team: Maria Smigielska, Mateusz Zwierzycki