The Means is an abstract representation of a column as an architectural artefact, as well as a demonstrator of novel computational design methods and alternative post-industrial production process by employing generative design and machine learning for material control. It is the aggregate of generic element as manufactured steel rod, which is a subject of differentiation through the process of robotically assisted rod bending, as a part of a research led by the author ( As an architectural entity, it stands in opposition to historical orders that has been ruling the column’s composition and proportion and as such it is placed in contemporary, purely representational setup of outer delineation with no structural or style capacities.

Project is entirely designed and produced by authors addressing the idea of an architect being a designer, curator and a builder.


collaboration: Mateusz Zwierzycki ( The Object)

support: Adam Mickiewicz Institute


Tallin Architecture Biennale 2017

Ars Electronica Center 2018

photo:  Lisett Kruusimäe and Onur Yilmaz