Proteus is a display that allows to interact with matter. It is an experiment on the modulation of ferrofluid patterns controlled by both electromagnetic signals and a robotic interface. It modulates the patterns according to the audience interaction based on realtime face tracking data. Similarly to digital displays it is based on grid, but the material ferropixel presents a much richer gradient of emerging patterns.
Exhibited at Ars Electronica Center, Linz 09.05.2018- 30.06.2018

Maria Smigieska (CR UfG, ) design, robotics
Pierre Cutellic (CAAD ITA ETHz, ) design
special thanks:
Johannes Braumann (CR, UfG) robotics
Wesley Lee (UfG) electronics advisor
Barlomiej Doros – chemistry advisor
music: Jo Noon “October”
video: Pierre Cutellic, Johannes Braumann
video edit: Maria Smigielska
Project supported by Creative Robotics Lab at University of Arts and Design, Linz, KUKA, Robots in Architecture and Ars Electronica Center Linz.