KIDS vs ROBOT is part of the educational program dedicated for children to be introduced to the potentials of technologies in a playful and participatory fashion.
It is focused specifically on industrial robot taken from the industrial factory, yet due to its genericness, it can follow different creative tasks as well as be an active participant in the creative process.

Current workshop program is focused on drawing games: the robot reinterpreting multicolor ad multilayer linear kids drawings, interactive abstract drawing combined wit colouring excersize.

We work in team of professionals trained in education for young age, as well as with architects, designers and artists to enrich the program with coding, visual programming excersizes and additive fabrication.

We are interested to collaborate with arts and culture oriented institutions based in Switzerland to introduce regular program.  Contact us for inquiries. 


Check the recent event with AREA Institute at Art[n+1] gallery in Paris, November 2017: