1000 portraits

-Face unRecognition-

robotically distributed ink for digital portraits

This is an ongoing project on varied representations of algorithmically processed and robotically ink-drawn portraits. With the manipulation of the digital image, ink densities and its distrubution methods – portraits can balance at the edge of recognition. It raises the dialog between digital and analog technologies, machine- and human-made, as well as merges industrial machine’s precision with the imperfections of the human hand gestures.

process and project development : maria smigielska



for robotically distributed ink for digital portraits :

  • spiral
  • stripes
  • dots in regular grid

process and project development : maria smigielska



For the inquiries about your own portrait and its pricing, please contact us: maria@mariasni.com. Don’t forget to send us the photo you wish to be redrawn. The prices range from 90 CHF for the A4 format for fast line drawing , up to 200 CHF for A3 formats for dotted drawings which take significantly more drawing time.

When writing us- don’t forget to mention following information:


Let us know if you would like your portrait framed. If so- what are your wishes accordingly. Please bear in mind that we will need more time for special framing orders.


Portraits comes with the following size:

  • A4:  297×210 mm
  • A3 : 420×290 mm
  • A3 squared: 297×297 mm
  • non standard or bigger size: on demand


The portraits can be done with varied techniques:

  • dots in grid,
  • irregularly distributed dots,
  • parallel lines,
  • spiral etc..


We can deliver your portrait in Switzerland and France, but please contact us if you are based in other countries to discuss the delivery opportunities.